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Your business isn't cookie cutter...unless you make cookies.
A custom website tailored to your business will highlight your specialties and set you apart from your competition.
Don't hold your business back with a generic website template.

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PHase 1: Strategy and Research

Focus on the User

Before the design starts, it’s important to understand who your ideal client is, as well as your strategy for the new website. Using competitive analysis, we’ll comb through your brand and determine what sets you apart from your competition. Strategy is weaved into the designs to present your brand and information to attract your ideal client. 

Phase 2: Design

Rough Drafts

Rough designs allow us to build out each page for review & testing where you can see what your refreshed website looks like before it is even built. Your feedback is crucial so you get a site that serves your business well, and a clean design that focuses on your brand and customer. 

Phase 3: Testing and Launch

Let's Go Live!

After all the strategy, revisions of rough draft designs, and testing… WE GO LIVE. 

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Refresh Your Entire Brand

Website Design

Let’s create and design a website that represents your brand to the fullest. I use clean, modern practices to create user-focused designs and layouts to provide professionalism and creativity to your online home.

PHoto and Video

A refreshed website isn’t complete without updated images and videos. Bring the design to life with cohesive visuals that make your visitors say WOW! Not only are these used on the website, but they are also great for promotional use and social media content.

Logo and Brand Strategy ​

Sometimes it’s best to just start over. Updating your branding and logo is a complete refresh from the ground up. Once I understand your vision and goal, I team up with an expert brand designer who handles the logos and branding. I bridge it all together with a custom website.

Add-Ons to Your Website



Your online store should do more than just list your products for sale. Let’s present your products to push sales and grow your revenue. It starts on the backend with organizing and categorizing your products properly and translating that over to the visual e-commerce pages of the website. 



Need to incorporate some type of list that has the capability to filter? This is a list of anything that is not for direct sale, but to educate your client on options available. This could be a list of properties, cars, or even services. This package comes with a main Portfolio Page and an individual page for each list item. This package is good for up to 25 online items.

Monthly Maintenance Subscription


After the website has gone live, you still need to keep it up to date with fresh images, updated content, and regular SEO maintenance. This keeps your site looking fresh and active. This Monthly Maintenance can be work on the backend or front end of the website.

Ready to go custom with your business?

It all starts with an inquiry! I’ll send you my Design Guide to look over and review, and then we will set up a time to chat on the phone. Before you know it, we will be reviewing your current site and talking about some amazing features to help you stand out to your target clients. 

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