Feb 2, 2018

Welcome to my first blog post!  This space is for no-nonsense, quality information that hopefully will help your business and website to not only be more unique but also user-friendly. With a background in UX/UI (User experience) as well as product strategy, I have developed an eye for technical and visual details that matter.

The purpose of this blog is to educate you as a small business professional and ensure that your online presence is working for you and not against you.




These are 5 common mistakes that I’ve seen small creative businesses make on their websites and they are quick fixes! It never hurts to comb through your website to make sure you’re not missing anything.


Keeping Content Up to Date

I’m talking about outdated content and images here. Make sure that your headshots are as current as possible, even if you have to have a new head shot taken every year. If you just updated your logo or rebranded, make sure any old logos aren’t on any of the sub pages of your website, as well as any other platforms you advertise with! Go through your product or services offered page and be sure that there is nothing currently listed that you no longer offer. One of the BIG things that I see are old and outdated images in galleries. This is directed towards creatives…*cough cough*.. PHOTOGRAPHERS especially! Your galleries should be up to date with your latest and greatest!




Fill in your Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is such a pain point for most.  This one is a little harder, but it’s how your market FINDS you online. Most likely your website is on a platform like Wix, Squarespace, Showit or WordPress. Each of these platforms offer a section where you can fill in the SEO content for each of your website’s pages. So many times when I do a website refresh for a new client and I go to look at their current SEO content on their current platform, there is nothing there!




Dead End Links

This will be time consuming for you, but I urge that you don’t skip this step! Page by page, work your way from top to the bottom and click EVERY. SINGLE. CLICKABLE. LINK. Make sure the link is working. Ask yourself, “Should this open in a new window or on the current window?” For those that have purchased website templates, make sure that there are no links that could potentially redirect viewers back to the store where you purchased the template. The Exception: In your footer, you should credit the designer, just like when you credit a photographer for a photo.  What I am getting to is that sometimes people only change the visual text in a template without taking the next step to make sure that the clickable link is properly changed or removed, as well.




Spelling + Grammar

I am totally guilty of this. I am a designer, not a writer. Writing isn’t my strongest skill, so never ask me to write or spell anything…in fact, my brother and wife have both edited this blog post to check for proper spelling and grammar. It is a HUGE client turn-off and can discredit your professionalism. Carefully make sure everything is spelled correctly on your website. Ask a spouse, friend, parent or even pay someone to read through every section of your website and all promotional materials you have.




 Check your mobile!

Finally…check your mobile. Upwards of 75-90% of your website views will be on a mobile device. Using your phone, go through your website and take note of things that are out of place or just don’t look right. If your website is only desktop friendly, then you can then reach out to a designer or go to an online support forum! Think of all the times you have clicked on a mobile website or even a link from Facebook, and the mobile view is just too hard to use. You have to use two fingers to zoom in just to read it or navigate – it’s so frustrating! User-friendly sites make sales. Clean up that mobile.


If you have made it through all 5 of these tips without hitting any issues on your website, you are ahead of the game! If some of these steps revealed issues, that’s actually good because now you’re aware that they need fixing!! I hope this was helpful! I have more educational content and website inspiration coming your way through this blog! Check back soon!